Drawing has always been a passion to me. I remember spending hours as a child, copying illustrations from fashion magazines or dreaming in front of all the beautiful paintings hang at my grandparents' walls.

I've always been a creative soul but it was only when I turned 30 that I finally let my creativity bloom and reclaim its full importance in my life.

Back then, I felt the urge to take back my long forgotten brushes. Passion was calling and my soul finally listened. I've been painting since that time and never stopped anymore.

Welcome to my universe, my inner garden. Through my paintings, I narrate my fantasy travels and metaphysical questions, emotions and thought processes. I like to imagine that they would touch you for a reason independent of me. That by painting what moves me, it brings a mirror on your own feelings and intimate reflections. That by healing myself, I bring you confort as well.

I cherish this precious interaction and feel very grateful for it.